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Resolutions? No thanks. To-Do Lists? Absolutely.

I took the past year off from a formal to-do list like I had for 2012 and am bringing it back for 2014 with a “14 in 2014” list. Not having a set list for the past year was okay – I still got some pretty great stuff accomplished, both in the fun + the serious departments. But…an overall goal for my entire life is to live with intention and purpose. So back to the year-long to-do list it is! Some PhD related…some fitness related…some travel related…some silly! Here we go…

1. Visit 1 state I haven’t yet been to. Visit all 50 is a bucket list item of mine and it is time to tick another off the list!

2. Bench press my body weight. Thanks for an injury to kick off 2013 which had me taking off the running shoes for a while, plus another injury at the start of the summer right when I was getting back into my running game [sweet walking boot anyone?] this past year got me back in the weight room a whole lot more. And, that is just fine in my book.

Bench Press{Getting in the zone…before failing at 115#}

I am currently 10# shy of my goal (120#) and I REALLY want to hit this mark! Why lift? I like feeling strong and also that it gives me the choice to use it at seemingly random times…like an impromptu pull-up competition in a Nashville condo [true story].

nashville pullups

3. Get my laptop fixed, or buy a new one. Current one is a huge hassle to do much of anything on.

4. Complete 30 ski runs in a single day. Ambitious? Yes!…but when my cousin threw it out there as a way to celebrate her 30 birthday this coming week, well…count me in!

5. Revise (aka totally overhaul) my Teaching Philosophy. The more I teach, the more ashamed I am of the initial document I drafted up. I want to focus on creating a teaching philosophy that is both evidence based, yet also highlights my strengths as an instructor. Turns out it’s not acceptable to tell people my teaching style is sarcasm & Grey’s Anatomy references…

6. Hone in on my research interests and the direction I want to go following completion of my PhD. I love the academic environment, but have yet to find my true research passion. What can I wake up each day and be jazzed up about doing? Seeing people who found their area of expertise and are excited about it each and every day has me striving to find my niche too.

7. Visit my sister or watch her compete while she is wintering in the South. This girl is the hardest worker I know and also tells the best stories [which are true life accounts]…no contest. She spends the winters in the south with the horses so she can escape the New England winters to train and show. It’s been forever since I saw her compete and I want to make a point to do it again. Plus…visiting her means getting to go horseback riding…

Horses 2013{Christmas Beach Ride 2013}

Beach Ride 2013{Here comes the sun…}

8. Treat myself/indulge 1x/month. Beauty treatments, massages, some item I am coveting, etc. Just do it. Spend the time and $ on myself. A bit selfish, but why the heck not!

9. Get a new Passport. I haven’t gotten around to getting a new one since my was stolen a while back. I don’t have plans to leave the country, but I want to be able to jump on it if the opportunity arises.

10. Develop a pre-sleep routine to help me get more shut-eye. It’s clear what doesn’t work for me. Studying in bed, working out too close to wanting to sleep, reading e-mails, chugging too much water at night, etc. Time to get a game plan together which promotes restful sleep so I am recharged for the next day.

11. Complete the 52-week savings plan. You may have seen this floating around Facebook like I did. Saving $ as a graduate student isn’t really possible, but stashing away cash that would otherwise be used for Starbuck’s beverages so that I can buy something new, pay down my car loan, or take a trip seems like a solid [and responsible] thing to do.

12. Do volunteer work that isn’t tied to one of my professional organizations or institutional service. I used to do a whole lot of volunteer work and I miss it…a lot. I tend to focus on volunteering for things which will add a line to my CV, so this year I vow to get involved with something just for the sake of doing it and helping others, not for my own personal gain.

13. Publish 4 papers. Time to beef up that section of my CV.

14. Do something that TERRIFIES me! Exact thing TBD! It probably won’t be sky diving or swimming with sharks though….those are too scary!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions or set goals each year? What are they? (silly and serious all welcome!)


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  1. Kailey (Caffeinated Runner)

    1. I am uber jealous of your horseback riding pictures – looks straight out of a movie.
    2. If I end up in California you should come visit me…if you have never been there 😉 Just saying.
    3. Journaling/reading a book helps me fall asleep asap

    • Tanya

      🙂 I have been to California, but I will gladly visit you if I am in your neck of the woods after you leave Blacksburg! I’ll have to try the journaling and the reading (non academic) tactic before bed! Thanks lady!

  2. Stephanie

    Agreed — the horseback riding photos are gorgeous!

    How many states do you have left? I’m at the point where mine are completely random and not near any other state that I need to hit…Arkansas in 2014 anyone?

    • Tanya

      I have 16 left, I think…not counting layovers in airports or just driving through w/o stopping for more than gas/food! Arkansas is on my list of never visited too haha!

  3. sklloyd15

    I love what you say about finding your research passion. It also makes me feel good that I have no idea what my real research interests are yet lol! I am about to check out that savings plan… I need to put aside money ASAP with the internship coming up and my parents wanting me to be more financially independent!

    • Tanya

      If I can give you any advice: Stay on the parent’s “payroll” as long as you can! The world is too expensive on a grad student/intern budget!! 🙁

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