Because sometimes we all need to put some mantras in our head to power through the challenges and hardships in front of us. Here are a few quotes and images I have on repeat right now…

No Matter How You Feel

Not feeling up to it? Suck it up, pull on your “Can Do Pants”, and Get in the Zone!

How to be Happy

You just woke up. Nothing has gone wrong or ruined your day just yet. Smile and keep it that way.

One Rep at a Time

Focus on a single task. Trust that each small piece done consistently will add up to something amazing.

Okay Monday – Let’s Do This!

But First - Coffee

Before I sign off it is time to announce the winner of the Swanson 45th Anniversary Giveaway. The randomly chosen winner is….

Swanson WinnerCongratulations Dale. Be on the lookout for an email from me with details on claiming your prize! 🙂

Everyone else, don’t forget that you can still get entered into Swanson’s GRAND PRIZE Giveaway. A $500 shopping spree + a selection of 45 food items! I know – wowza!

What quotes and/or images are you leaning on to make this week amazing?


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