Holidays can be stressful, no doubt about it. To make things a bit simpler, here are gift ideas appropriate for the “Nutrition Nerds”, health-fanatics, and foodies on your list! Coming up later this week, a gift guide geared towards the fitness freaks you need to shop for.

2014 Nutrition-Themed Gift Guide

1. OCD Chef Cutting Board [$19.99]: Help your favorite home chef chop and dice with precision to their heart’s content.

2. Slim by Design [$15.19 on Amazon]: For the person on your list always eager to learn more, Dr. Brian Wansink, head of the Cornell University Food & Brand Lab, makes research findings applicable & easy for all to implement. Because “becoming slim by design works better than trying to become slim by willpower”.

3. Foodie Dice [$24.00]: Know someone stuck in a cooking rut? Help them shake up their meal plans with a roll of the dice! See other unique kitchen items at

4. Food Pun Pencils [$5.00 for a set of 8]: My favorite items in the Eat Healthy Designs product line are these food-themed pencils. Make work and more fun for the food lover in your life by reminding them they are doing an “Eggscellent Job”!

5. Spiralizer [$39.95]: Create envy-provoking vegetable “noodles” [and more!] in seconds with the spiralizer. Trust me- this is the kitchen gadget health nuts are going crazy for this year. It would sure make creating my zucchini pad thai recipe much easier! [hint, hint Santa!]

6. Escali SmartConnect Kitchen Scale [$99.99 through company; half price on Amazon]: Know someone who has a pretty close relationship with their food scale? Help them be more flexible in meal planning with this smart scale from Escali. Paired to a mobile app and food/nutrient database allows for automated and simplified food intake tracking!

7. Crazy Richard’s [Krema brand] Natural Nut Butter Sample Pack [$24.99]: Of course I couldn’t go a whole post without throwing in a plug for my favorite peanut butter company. Show someone special you love them enough to send only the best nut butters available, free from added sugars, HFCS, and salt! Sampler pack contains 1 jar each of: Creamy Peanut Butter, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, and Pure PB powdered peanut butter.

Id’ love to know – what food-related gifts are you giving this year?


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