The New York City Marathon is fast approaching and this week on the iRunnerBlog we are giving out some last-minute tips and advice about everything from navigating the staging area to reminding people traveling from afar to bring their own pillows to use instead of the hotel ones! Today, I am sharing some last-minute nutrition and fueling strategies, so if you are running in the 2012 ING NYC Marathon – or another upcoming race, head on over and check out my tips here!

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Oh and….there just may be a Giveaway on Sunday….How does that sound??

0 Responses to “New York City Marathon Tips: Pre-Race Nutrition”

  1. Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian

    Great tips!!
    I agree that it’s important to stick with the same fuel. My half was offering gu and I was used to doing clif shot blocks so I brought those with me.

    • Tanya

      I LOVE the Clif Shot Blocks – especially the CranRazz and Black Cherry!

  2. EA Stewart

    Great pre-race nutrition tips! I did not complete the NYC marathon today, but my daughter and I did the Iron Girl 5K in San Diego today. We crossed the finish line holding hands which was pretty cool :-).

    • Tanya

      Aww, that sounds like such a great race to do with your daughter!

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