My goal as a college educator is to help develop students into mature, competent, critical thinkers and problem solvers who are prepared for careers as evidence-based health professionals. My approach for meeting that goal is through a combination of rigorous course content, designed to impart knowledge and challenge students intellectually, and experiential assignments and activities that focus on application of obtained knowledge to real-world situations.

Courses Taught

Instructor of record and graduate teaching assistant positions are listed here. Additional teaching experiences, including course development, guest lectures, undergraduate teaching assistantships, and tutor positions are listed on my CV.

  • 20162014

    Exercise and Health (HNFE 2804; Virginia Tech) – Instructor or Co-Instructor

    Introduction to the foundations of exercise science as applied to healthy living, and the concept of exercise as medicine for disease prevention and treatment.

  • 2013

    Sports Nutrition (EXPH 370; Lynchburg College) – Adjunct Faculty

    Extension of general nutrition and exercise metabolism and application to athletic populations.

  • 20142013

    Medical Nutrition Therapy II (HNFE 4126/5126; Virginia Tech) – Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Second of a 2-course series that focuses on the relationships between pathophysiology, principles of nutritional care and the medical treatment of individuals with selected diseases or clinical problems.

  • 20132012

    Medical Nutrition Therapy I (HNFE 4125/5125; Virginia Tech) – Graduate Teaching Assistant

    First of a 2-course series that focuses on the relationships between pathophysiology, principles of nutritional care and the medical treatment of individuals with selected diseases or clinical problems.

  • 2012

    Professional Dietetics (HNFE 2004; Virginia Tech) – Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Introduction to the profession of dietetics with emphasis on competencies, preparation, and responsibilities associated with dietetic practice.

  • 2011

    Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (HNFE 2664; Virginia Tech) – Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Introduction to the epidemiological evidence of the benefits of healthful eating and physical activity.

Pedagogy Training

Looking back, my teaching career began long before I even realized it. Early experiences working as a ski instructor, soccer coach, and horseback riding camp counselor instilled in me a love for sharing experiences, hobbies, and information I am passionate about with others. This hasn’t changed during the course of my PhD training. The only difference is that now it happens in a more structured classroom environment, not on the ski slopes!

Funding for the final three years of my PhD at Virginia Tech came from a competitive fellowship through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, called the Graduate Teaching Scholars (GTS) program. The GTS program provides selected doctoral students with extensive training related to contemporary issues in higher education, educational theories and practice, instructional design and strategies, assessment and grading, inclusive pedagogy, problem-based learning, and mentoring of teaching assistants. In the past five years, my experiences as an educator have grown from working as a teaching assistant to designing curricula and independently teaching courses as the instructor of record.

Student Testimonials

“I loved Ms. Halliday’s enthusiasm for the material, she made me smile and want to learn more.”

“Professor Halliday is so prepared and has very in depth knowledge of this subject. Even though she must be busy as a PhD candidate she still comes to class very cheerful and full of energy.”

“She genuinely cares that her students understand and learn the material. Great professor!!!”

“She was very helpful and always got the students involved. She cares a lot about everyone’s success. She even took the time to remember everyone’s name in the class (of over 100 students) because she wanted everyone to succeed.”

“Ms. Halliday is an extraordinary professor who is up-to-date with the literature in the health and exercise world. Her passion for health and exercise is evident in all of her lectures, which makes learning that much easier and engaging. This has been my favorite class as a student at Virginia Tech.”

“Loved her class and the way she taught. Was very enjoyable because of her energy and knowledge. She is very good with connecting to students. Favorite professor I’ve had at Virginia Tech.”

“Professor Halliday really went the extra mile to answer questions in order to make sure I fully understood the topic I was confused about.”

“She was helpful in facilitating our learning experience and her [teaching] performance reflects high professional skills as a Registered Dietitian.”